This is a website and forum for people looking to share and improve their individual knowledge and strengths to better prepare for life in our world as it is today. With the various threats of terrorism, long-term or short-term emergency events and other threats to normal every day life this forum is to share knowledge, not just to be able to survive, but thrive in any situation.

This website was started years ago by a few members who have lived through some natural disasters like hurricanes, tornado’s and flooding. We realized the need to provide local support and form relationships with like-minded people in order to protect our family and friends during an emergency. In addition to natural disasters, EMP’s (Electromagnetic Pulse), solar flares, nuclear dirty bombs, power outages and other events, which might cause societal chaos, are regularly discussed in the national media.

While it went offline for a couple of years we’ve managed to bring it back in a new format that we hope will be useful and successful.

We believe in the freedom of speech and the right to express one’s opinions in a public forum, but be advised that this forum will be moderated and anyone not adhering to our sites Terms of Service will be banned from the site.